THINK Overproduction

In our matured economy, overproduction is a serious social problem,
which ignores cyclic process,
by waste increase and environment destruction.


Continuing mass production with ignoring such social
and social responsibility is abandoned.
We need to think more about reuse and waste reduction.


Thus, with our passion to solve this social problem,
we launched a sharing economy service “Laxus” in 2015,
focusing on luxury designers’ handbags.
Technology allows us to develop the sharing economy platform,
and it is an innovative business model which leads our society from the old,
consumption-oriented one to the novel, circulation-oriented one.

spread seeds

SPREAD Sharing Service

A shared vintage bag may have some scratches,
and it may have partial discoloration as well.
However, we firmly believe that giving elaborate maintenance on
such pre-loved traces and inheriting designers’ enthusiasm are
the value proposition which exactly sharing economy services can provide.

to sprout

Our mission

Create a smart, beautiful and sustainable society

Our aspiration is to create a smart,
beautiful and sustainable society,
by providing sharing economy platform of luxury designers’ handbags.

Big tree grows

THINK Future now

Own to share, and disposal to reuse. Our brand-new, beautiful and bright future has already started.

For a sustainable society